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1. Suitable for medium and large dogs.
2. Made of hard plastic, durable, non-toxic, uneven surface, can massage dog teeth.
3. The best gift for pets: This fantastic ball is the best toy choice for your dog and cat, with footprints and skeleton patterns.
4. Toy will train your pet's attention and improve their IQ, and they will only leave during the day.
5. When your dog is learning, please determine the difficulty level. Designed for picking and rolling, perfect for dogs and cats

Product information:
Material: Rubber
Adaptation: General Pet
Specifications: Small diameter red 7.5CM, small blue diameter 7.5, large red diameter 11CM, large blue diameter 11CM

Packing list:
1 cat and dog toy

Pet Toy Bite Dog Leaking Puzzle Ball Size Multicolor Optional Milky Rubber Ball


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